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Off-road forklift

河北3.5T Off-road forklift

  • Product Name: 河北3.5T Off-road forklift
  • Product Classification: Off-road forklift
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Product characteristics:
Off-road forklift, also known as field forklift, is a kind of equipment for loading and unloading materials in poor road conditions such as airports, wharfs and stations. It has good maneuverability and cross-country reliability. Off-road forklift truck is a kind of engineering vehicle which can safely carry out loading, unloading, stacking and handling on sloping land and uneven ground, just like balanced forklift truck. It can install forks or replace a variety of gear to improve operation efficiency. Off-road forklift trucks have many types of structures, which have developed rapidly abroad.
(1) All-wheel drive with good passability and cross-country performance. There is no differential between axles, and large diameter wide base off-road tire is used. The minimum clearance of the vehicle is more than 300 mm and the departure angle is more than 30 degrees.
(2) Articulated frame. The swing angle of the frame is generally (+30~40). The steering system is simple. It does not need expensive steering drive axle. It can achieve a smaller turning radius, control the steering wheel, make the frame swing horizontally, and make the fork easy to align with the material. For the small tonnage off-road forklift, the integral frame can be used. The single-bridge drive and drive axle have differential locks.
(3) Full wheel braking. In addition to the small tonnage forklift truck using expansion shoe brake structure, most of the forklift trucks are clamp disc brakes, and the tonnage forklift truck also uses wet brakes. Parking brake is most common with independent hand brake.
(4) For 2t~3t articulated off-road forklift, the front and rear axles are universal.
(5) The rear axle of the vehicle bridge is fixed with the frame, while the front axle can swing vertically with respect to the frame (+8 ~12). A supporting hydraulic cylinder is installed between the frame and the front axle. When the forklift truck is lifting, the lifting portal frame is kept in a lateral plumb state by manipulating the hydraulic cylinder. When the truck is running again, the oil path of the upper and lower chambers of the hydraulic cylinder passes through the damping hole, which is beneficial to improving the ride comfort of the vehicle.
(6) Large wheelbase and wheelbase. Increase vehicle longitudinal and longitudinal stability.
(7) Good mobility. The maximum speed is generally (30-40) km/h. The power factor is over 0.65, the driving speed is good, and the climbing ability is 25 ~30.
(8) Large inclination angle of portal frame. This is necessary for safe operation and driving on uneven ground. Generally, the first 10 ~15 and the backward inclination is 15.
(9) Driver seat setting. In order to ensure that the operator has a better vision in loading operation, the driver's seat is generally arranged in front. For articulated forklift trucks, as far as possible on the front frame, according to different operational requirements, equipped with FOPS / ROPS roof-guard cab.
(10) Walking system. Similar to the loader, there are mechanical transmission (Me), hydraulic shift mechanical transmission (HyC), hydraulic transmission (T/C) and hydrostatic transmission (HYD), etc. The difference is that full power matching method is adopted, and its maximum load is full load climbing condition.

Technical parameters:

Model/project name

3.5T all-terrain forklift

engine model

490 Pressurization

Engine power(kw)


Boom raising time(s)


Load center(mm)


Fork size(mm)


Minimum turning radius(mm)




Full length (excluding forks)(mm)


full length(mm)




Minimum ground clearance(mm)


Maximum height of the gantry


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