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Off-road forklift

河北4T Off-road forklift

  • Product Name: 河北4T Off-road forklift
  • Product Classification: Off-road forklift
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  • Corporate name: Shandong Bojun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
  • Company address:197 km from Laizhou Section, 206 National Road, Shahe Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province

Product characteristics:
Off-road forklift truck is generally composed of engine, chassis, working device and electrical equipment. (1) The hydrostatic transmission has high efficiency, wide range of working conditions, and can save resources, and simplify the structure of auxiliary facilities such as heat dissipation and cooling.
(2) The automatic stepless regulation is realized by using the closed loop composed of variable pump and variable motor, and the power of diesel engine is kept relatively constant, the power utilization rate is the highest, and the whole machine runs economically.
(3) Using the dual DA control variable system, the speed of the diesel engine decreases under the combined working conditions, but the pressure of the hydraulic system remains unchanged, so that the traction force does not decrease.
(4) To the greatest extent, the overall parameters of the whole machine are optimized to provide maximum productivity and maximum economic benefits.
Off-road forklift trucks are mainly used in urban construction sites, pipeline laying, oil field development, mountain forest areas and other field projects, as well as container loading and unloading in dock yards, and in wartime for the army to load and unload military materials. The working device structure of cross-country forklift is the same as that of counterweight forklift. The difference lies in the distinct chassis structure.

Technical parameters:

Model/project name

4T all-terrain forklift

engine model

4102 Pressurization

Engine power(kw)


Boom raising time(s)


Load center(mm)


Fork size(mm)


Minimum turning radius(mm)




Full length (excluding forks)(mm)


full length(mm)




Minimum ground clearance(mm)


Maximum height of the gantry


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