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How to maintain the battery of yantai electric forklift truck

Special traction battery, also known as forklift battery, as a forklift driver, must abide by the correct operation rules, safe use, keep in mind the following ten points:
1. The battery will produce hydrogen, which may cause an explosion. Do not smoke near the battery. The battery must be stored or charged in a well-ventilated place, but not at the suction point, to avoid corrosion caused by acid fog.
2. Battery solution contains corrosive liquid, which may cause serious burns. Please avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothes.
3. When checking or maintaining battery, please use rubber gloves to avoid electric shock.
4. The surface or joint of the battery must be kept clean. Dust, impurities, etc. must be cleaned with a wet cloth, or electricity will leak, or even cause a fire.
When cleaning the battery, be sure to use a wet cloth, not a dry cloth.
6. Do not connect the positive and negative electrode of the battery with tools.
7. The temperature of electrolyte should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius when charging, so as to avoid the overflow of electrolyte causing damage, especially during summer days.
8. Before unplugging the battery, be sure to turn off the key switch of the forklift and the switch of the charger to avoid sparks.
9. The electrolyte level should not be lower than the minimum, otherwise the battery is easy to heat up and burn off.
10. Keep children away.

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